Marcela Cantuária


Marcela Cantuária (1991, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) holds a bachelor’s degree in painting from the UFRJ School of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro. Marcela Cantuária creates paintings that often reverse and refuse to align with official history. She brings forth images of people who resisted, have disappeared or were killed during the civil-military dictatorships in Latin America.

In 2020 she participated in the FountainHead Residence, in Miami, USA, and in an exhibition at the Museu Instituto de América, in Spain. In 2019 opened her solo exhibition La larga noche de los 500 años in A Gentil Carioca, and Suturar Libertar at Centro Municipal de Arte Helio Oiticica. She took part in “Histórias Feministas” at MASP and “Estratégias do Feminino” at the Farol Santander in Porto Alegre, also participated in the Kaaysa Residency in São Paulo and in the PAOS GDL, México.

Her works are part of the collections of Museu da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, and Museu de Arte de São Paulo.