Peter Lemmens

Peter Lemmens looks at operational levels for their social, political, economic, and artistic capacities. At this intersection, he works on how to organise oneself responsibly. He contaminates the question of “What to produce?” with the question of “How to produce?”. While working on distribution, narrativity, DIY, and marginal practices, his work highlights not only what can be done differently, but also what can be done simultaneously. He thinks conflict and development are not about resolutions, but permanent, fragile modes of production, often involving sound, video and text. He thinks amateurism is not incompetence. He likes to make boring works and sees diversions as a productive method.

His work was part of solo and group exhibitions, notably in S.M.A.K., M HKA, CIAP, MACS, Palais de Tokyo (FR), CNEAI (FR) and De Brakke Grond (NL).