Tine Guns


Tine Guns lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

She is working on her PhD, entitled The Photobook as a Visual Page-Turner: A pre- and post-cinema­tographic montage story (LUCA), and participates in Bioscopic Books: Artist’s books as seen through the cinema eye (LUCA). She has exhibited in Cinematek/BOZAR Brussels, Netwerk Aalst and Casino Luxembourg. Her films were screened at festivals like Jean Rouch Festival in Paris and biennials like Ostrale in Dresden. Her photos were selected for Voies Off in Arles, Antwerp Photo and Salut d’honneurJan Hoet. In 2015 she was selected for .tiff Young ArtistsBelgium after a nomination by FOMU Antwerp, while her artist’s book The Diver was shortlisted for the MACK First Book Award. She was awarded the 2017 Biennial Prize for Visual Arts by the Province of East-Flanders.