Summer bar

During the Biennale of Painting, visitors can enjoy Duvel’s summer bar in our lush garden every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between the flower fields and sculptures from the museum's collection. Artist Jonas Vanderbeke creates a colourful setting for a refreshing break.

Jonas Vanderbeke (1993) collects images that symbolise beauty from films, literature, and the visual canon or are now regarded as kitsch. He processes them into collages and paintings in which symbols of transience, flowers, heroes and animals often recur as motifs. From the field of tension between graphic perfection and human imperfection, between a body and its cult, craft and industry, the old and the new, new images constantly emerge.

Picknick welcome!

Sculpture garden

Museumlaan 14
B-9831 Deurle


Fri–Sun, 11:00–17:00,


Jonas Vanderbeke, Preliminary design Duvel Summer Bar, 2022.