Thanks to its long history and intensive exhibition policy, the museum boasts a rich archive consisting of historical documents, photographic material, and graphic prints, as well as an extensive exhibition archive, the recently acquired library of Chantal De Smet and Tanguy Eeckhout, and an extensive library.

Since the beginning of 2020, the various collections have been housed in one location, and behind the scenes, close collaboration with external players in the heritage field has been ongoing to unlock the treasure trove of information and further digitize it. For the museum, it is a priority to provide researchers, both young and old, with the opportunity to conduct academic research on specific artworks, archives, exhibitions, and individuals from the museum’s past.


  • Administrative archive
    • Financial archive
    • Operational archive
  • Urbain Van den Heede Archive: As the municipal secretary of Deurle and a personal friend of Jules & Irma, he was instrumental in the founding of the museum. He served on the board for years, and his preserved documentation offers a unique insight into the museum's early days.
  • Exhibition archive
  • Photo archive
  • Jan Hoet Archive
    • Slide collection
    • Servranckx thesis archive
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