Karina Beumer

MDD, in collaboration with Kunsthal Gent and ArtCinema OFFoff, presents Karina Beumer's film (...) for three days at Kunsthal Gent.

This absurd non-linear and playful video diary tells the story of (and by) Ron, who has been living with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) for 5 years, causing him to get lost and forget. Ron has documented his whole life in diaries and is now writing a book about living with ABI. When his daughter Karina finds out that Ron forgot about her, she decides to turn his book into a film.

(…) hovers between reality and manipulation of it. Ron and Karina end up in an adventure about manipulating memories, visualising thoughts, wanting to fill in black holes, obsessively documenting life, and looking for a language in which they can meet each other without remembering.

The film is a result of Beumer's FABA Artist Residency at Woning Van Wassenhove in 2021.


  • Friday 21 October, 20:00, avant–première in presence of the artist
  • Saturday 22 October: 11:00–18:00
  • Sunday 23 October: 11:0 –18:00
  • Starting: on the hour


  • Duration: 43 minutes
  • A film by: Karina Beumer
  • With: Ron Beumer, Inge Beumer-de Boer, Erik Beumer, Barbara Visser, Victoria Vergult, Sylvia Las
  • Sound design: Igor Kłaczyński
  • In collaboration with Kunsthal Gent en Art Cinema OFFoff
Film screening
Kunthal Gent

Lange Steenstraat 14
B-9000 Gent


(...) (videostill), Karina Beumer, 2022