Kristof Van Heeschvelde
Serieus Grappig

Kristof Van Heeschvelde’s new publication, Serieus Grappig, will be presented to the public on May 7th at MDD. During a Q&A with art critic Nicole Büsing, publisher Bruno Devos, art critic Heiko Klaas, and curator Laurens Otto of MDD, Van Heeschvelde will delve deeper into his book and artistic practice.


Van Heeschvelde’s first publication focuses on the development of his practice over the past seven years, in which the visual language of his work acquired a clear and recognizable form and focus.

Serieus Grappig provides a glimpse into an artist’s practice, where societal observations are translated into a personal visual language, with a focus on art historical references, language, spatiality, and painting techniques.

For this publication, Kristof Van Heeschvelde collaborated with Hopper & Fuchs publishers, Bruno Devos of Stockmans Uitgeverij, Berserk Art Agency, and art critics Heiko Klaas and Nicole Büsing.

Book presentation
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Museumlaan 14
9831 Deurle


Publication Kristof Van Heeschvelde – Serieus Grappig, 2023.

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