Yvan Derwéduwé
Antichambre #2

The second Antichambre exhibition features the 2019 painting PUPPIES S by Flemish artist Yvan Derwéduwé (1972, Nieuwpoort). The work shows the well-known motif of a puppy on toilet paper, with stains and irregularities that have escaped the quality control of the production process.

By enlarging a familiar motif associated with the body, intimacy and toilets, Derwéduwé’s painting points to how our basic needs are often infantilised and animalised. It also connects to ‘puppy (or pup) play’, a sexual practice in which one or more of the partners take on the role and attributes of a puppy.

Antichambre is an ongoing series of displays that focus on a single artwork from collectors’ lavatories.

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Museumlaan 14
9831 Deurle


Yvan Derwéduwé, PUPPIES S, 2019 (detail). Courtesy of the artist.