Liliane Vertessen

This third Antichambre display features the work Shaked shocked from 1989 by the Flemish artist Liliane Vertessen (1952, Leopoldsburg).

Since 1975, Vertessen has been representing herself in suggestive mise-en-scènes. The provocative exhibitionism of her role plays is often underlined by erotically charged symbols: red neon, whip, stiletto heels and feathers.

Her oeuvre, consisting mainly of photographs and sculptures, celebrates and critiques the stereotypical image of women – as seductress or object of desire. Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens organised one of her first exhibitions in 1983.

Antichambre is an ongoing series of displays that focus on a single artwork from collectors’ lavatories.

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Museumlaan 14
B-9831 Deurle


Lilianne Vertessen, Shaked shocked, 1989. Collection Stijn Dejagere