Charline von Heyl
Snake Eyes

With Snake Eyes, MDD presents the abstract work of Charline von Heyl (b. 1960, Mainz) for the very first time in Belgium. Since the 1980s, this German artist, living in America, is known for her innovative, radical approach to abstract painting.

Rather than abstracting the reality that surrounds us, the core of her practice stems from the images that arise during improvisation on the canvas. Her work is mainly driven by intuition - a colour, a movement, or a state of mind gives rise to powerful compositions that allow an endless number of interpretations. Contemplation and imagination are the keys to her work.

“I am just trying to keep the paintings ahead of language. Or better yet, ahead of sentences. I just want to get the viewer to move past definitions and on to something more personal and fragile, a place where thoughts and feelings meet, where looking feels like thinking.” — Charline von Heyl

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Museumlaan 14
9831 Deurle


Charlotte Crevits

Joost Declercq

   In collaboration with

Deichtorhallen Hamburg en

Hirshhorn Museum Washington DC

   Thanks to

The Flemish government