AV 156-23, 2024

Collection Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

AV 156-23 is a video that challenges viewers with the complexity of freedom, communication, and the longing for connection.

The project emerged within the Quasi Museum framework, a permanent art collection situated in the new Haren prison.

The artist collaborated with several inmates through workshops, actively involving them in parts of the creative process and the content of the video.

In the video, the airplane takes on a significant role as a symbol of freedom and communication, starkly contrasting with the prison experience. Simultaneously, it serves as a means of self-expression, as inmates entrust their messages to the aircraft, hoping to send a piece of themselves outward. The video explores this theme by utilizing the aeroplane in various ways, from crafting and dispatching the messages to unveiling their contents.

The prison, located near Zaventem where airplanes frequently pass overhead, is visually and mentally linked with Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens. Filming took place in areas inaccessible to visitors, where messages delivered by the aircraft are received and processed.

The video comprises two differently edited versions: The shorter version will be showcased as a new addition to the museum's collection, while a longer version will be available on the prison’s intranet.

  • Directed, conceptualized, edited, set design: Karina Beumer
  • Cast: Lindsay, BRG, Cynthia Schellekens, Laurens Otto, Rik Vannevel, Michiel Van Damme, Beatrice Pecceu, Tanìa Peña Diaz, Sabrina Caldarar, Maïté Dugadyn, Anouk Focquier, Ief Spincemaille
  • Cinematography: Chloé Op de Beeck
  • Sound design: Igor Kłaczyński
  • Color correction: Lennert De Taeye
  • Production: Federal Government, Mondriaanfonds, Cafasso, Geen Pijn
  • Co-production: Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Filmstill AV 156-23 © Karina Beumer