Mdd Talks #1 - Welke Wereld Na De Pandemie?

Luc Keppens and Marc Noppen discuss some of the short- and long-term effects of the corona pandemic on culture and other spheres, in a conversation moderated by Ann Onderbergh.

The talk takes as its starting point Keppens’ recent book Vaccins in voorbereiding, welke wereld na de pandemie? in which he addresses some of the changes, adaptations and adjustments imposed on our post-covid condition.


Luc Keppens

Luc Keppens has held leading positions in the banking sector and is committed to several cultural institutions and social projects. His book Vaccins in voorbereiding was born out of concerns for the virus’s impact on the social fabric and inclusiveness.

Marc Noppen

Prof. Dr. Marc Noppen is CEO of the University Hospital (UZ) in Jette, Brussels, a position he has held since 2006. As part of his research, he has taught at numerous prestigious faculties in the US, Canada, France and Australia.

Ann Overbergh

Ann Overbergh is general director of Flanders Arts Institute since 2019. She was a member of the College of Presidents within the current Arts Decree, a member of the editorial staff of the culture magazine rekto:verso, and a staff member of BAM, the predecessor of Flanders Arts Institute.