MDD TALKS #3 – Naar een phygital museum?

Physical exhibition spaces, heritage and artworks are increasingly reproduced and consumed digitally. What is the potential of digital exhibitions and how digital can we go?

In this online talk featuring Frederik De Wilde (artist), Axel Clissen (architect) and Marjan Doom (director Ghent University Museum) we explore the limits and possibilities of the digital experience and its influence on the physical experience of museums, collections and culture. Moderated by Jan(us) Boudewijns (MDD).


Frederik De Wilde

Artist Frederik De Wilde studied fine arts, media arts and philosophy. His artistic praxis situates itself on the interstice of art science technology and design. De Wilde critically examines the radical shifts technology imposes on society and our

Axel Clissen

Axel Clissen is a Belgian architect, designer & educator and founding partner of the New York & Brussels-based architecture practice Socle. The studio is well-versed in arts & culture, pursues luxury in density and explores physical & digital immersive experiences.

Marjan Doom

As a veterinarian, Marjan Doom (UGent) conducted research on the anatomy of the circulatory system. Today, as director of the Gent University Museum, she explores the language between science, art and society.