Maria Blondeel
Continuous Remastering (BORDEN)

Maria Blondeel will present new work, blueprints, and artefacts from her archive at the Municipal Museum Gevaert-Minne. Analogously to her artistic research, the artist will take a retrospective look at her work and life. Her mythical sources of inspiration are the cosmopolitan, ecological and artistic projects of the Gevaert family, the company Lima and the municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem.

The domestic still lifes and the artefacts of the Latem artist groups are in stark contrast with the motors, household appliances, and an excessive number of household utensils of the 1960s in Western Europe – the golden years when the consumer society in which Blondeel grew up was flourishing. Simultaneously, the ecological movement was growing, as was the drive toward nature conservation, the peace movement against nuclear armament, women’s rights, and contemporary art.

Gemeentelijk Museum Gevaert-Minne

Kapitteldreef 45
b-9830 Sint-Martens-Latem


Laurens Otto
Didier Verriest

   BORDEN, 1989 Remaster 2023

Multiple met audiocassette die twee geluidsperformances uit 1989 bevat: “De Vaatwas (BORDEN)” en “De Ingrediënten (BORDEN)”.

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Gemeente Sint-Martens-Latem


Maria Blondeel, Blauwdruk 85BRDN6 nr. 10, 1985. Courtesy of the artist