Luca Frei
working spacing moving

working spacing moving is Luca Frei’s first solo exhibition in Belgium. The Swiss artist (born in 1976, based in Sweden) makes sculptures, drawings, performances and installations that blur the lines between visual art, design, craft and performance.

working spacing moving includes works by the artist from 2003 to today, in particular a performative video piece made for this exhibition in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Majula Drammeh.

The exhibition’s title highlights the key role in Frei’s work not only of our gestures and actions but also the gaps between them. The exhibition thus becomes a sensory space for visitors to become aware of how one moves through objects at once aesthetic and scenographic.

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

Museumlaan 14
B-9831 Deurle


Luca Frei, Preparatory drawing for Munich Readings, 2003. Courtesy of the artist