Isabel Burr Raty


Isabel Burr Raty (BE/CL) is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher, teacher, sporadic curator, dramaturg and sexual Kung Fu coach. With an activist background as a filmmaker working with the Rapa Nui people in Easter Island, her research is based in ecological, queer, post-human and de-colonial perspectives, and her sources of inspiration range from Indigenous knowledge to quantum ideas of matter, bodies and agriculture.

For the past years, her performance, installation and workshop experiments create conditions for embodied Sci-Fictions, which queer the role of the human in commodification processes. Offering community spaces for trans-individual knowledge exchange, mainly around the concept of value, and proposing pleasure economies, such as the Beauty Kit Farm and The Power Plant Village.

She teaches history and actuality of Media and is mentor in the pluri-disciplinary Masters at Ecole de Recherche Graphique in Brussels. Since 2016 Isabel has joined a number of research organizations. For example apass,, EU project Staying in Touch curatorial practices of the Future, wpZimmer etc. She has also curated a series of events about territory restoration, amongst other topics.

In 2018 Amsterdam Arts Fund partnered with her to Waag Future Lab and Mediamatic Art and Nature. Her works and dramaturgical collaborations have been shown internationally, i.e.: Palais de Tokyo Paris, ISEA Hong Kong, Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, Eco-futures London, Campo and Viernulvier Ghent, KVS Brussels, etc.