Karina Beumer
Premiere AV 156-23

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens and Karina Beumer present the new video project AV 156-23 on Sunday 2 June to the public.

The video challenges viewers with the complexity of freedom, communication, and the longing for connection. It was developed as part of the Quasi Museum initiative, a collection of permanent artworks in the new Haren prison.

The video comes in two distinct versions: the short version will be showcased as a new addition to the museum’s collection, while a longer version will be available on the prison’s intranet.

Following an introduction by the artist at 14:00, both versions will be continuously screened until 17:00, exclusively for this premiere.

Quasi Museum

The Quasi Museum is a permanent exhibition space in the new Haren prison, initiated by artist Ief Spincemaille and co-curated by Anouk Focquier (Berserk Art Agency).

The museum houses a collection of 12 permanent in-situ works, spread along both sides of the 1200-meter-long prison wall. Guided tours are provided for external visitors and internal residents of the prison. It invites detainees, visitors, and the broader community of Haren to engage in dialogue with this specific space and with each other.

Featuring works by Adrien Tirtiaux, Bart Lodewijks, Maëlle Dufour, Daems Van Remoortere, Elnino76, Ousama Tabti, Karina Beumer, Katrien Oosterlink, Kristof Van Gestel, Sep Verboom, and Ief Spincemaille.

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